Pre-construction Services

The Management Contracting model can completely integrate the Design Team with the Construction Team at an early stage to ensure best outcomes through value engineering, competitive tendering, accurate early construction planning and pro-active management.

The success of any building project depends on the quality of the information produced. With BUILD acting as the Management Contractor, the management and flow of information is constantly monitored, and cost checked to ensure that problems do not occur.

Ideally, with an early appointment it gives us the opportunity to add our valuable input well before work starts on site. If the Client has consultants, such as an Architect and Quantity Surveyor, we can assist by advising in areas such as construction methods, design detailing and product selection. This contribution has proved to be very beneficial where design development or value engineering is necessary to meet client’s specific budgets.

We will carry out a thorough review of all design drawings, specifications, and consultant information to gain a full understanding of the client’s requirements and identify any areas where further detail may be required. Following this stage, a Cost Plan budget will be prepared for the scheme and we can either produce this in-house, assist a client appointed Quantity Surveyor or review and adopt a pre-prepared plan.

Robust cost management underpins every successful construction project. BUILD are well placed to carry out the budgeting service and with a comprehensive set of construction information will break down the scope of work into distinct work stage packages for tendering. The Cost Plan can be produced using current market rates, however if time allows, we prefer to obtain greater certainty and seek firm pricing through tendered returns from vetted subcontractors and suppliers.

The Cost Plan will then be used as a guide price document to track the actual costs during the build and will assist in providing regular updates of the project’s current expenditure are projected completion cost.

We offer a transparent tendering process to ensure that we provide the client with the best prices and options available, this is often not the case with a traditional tender and as a result the client may pay more for certain aspects of the build.  One advantage of sharing the tender packages with the client is that they are able to select an appropriate quality level for each trade, potentially choosing to spend more, or less in specific areas, rather than being tied to a single universal construction figure controlled through a Main Contractor.

Construction Phase

Starting on site is an extremely exciting time for clients as it is for us too. Whether we are starting from foundations in the ground or taking down the old to replace it with something new, the construction process always needs to be well resourced. BUILD will manage every aspect of activity on site including statutory services, all building work, programming and health and safety procedures.

Depending on the size of the project we would look to provide a dedicated Site Manager who will oversee all activity on site during the construction phase. This will ensure that daily activities are monitored carefully with paramount importance being placed on quality control, consistent workmanship and design adherence.

Throughout the construction phase, we will attend regular on-site project meetings with the client, Architect and our Site Manager to ensure that all aspects of the build are progressing well. These meetings give the client the opportunity to discuss any decisions or changes that may need to be made.

Design Changes

We will work with the Architect, and our Site Manager and Supply Chain to put together the options available to incorporate any design changes. Depending on what the change is we will look to offer the client options on the impact of cost variations to ensure that they are getting the best value for money. This may be the material choice or the method of construction, but the final decision will always be in the client’s control. This is not always offered through traditional contracting as often a design change is seen as a way to make more profit for the Main Contractor. With our open book approach the client will see exactly what it costs to make the change.

Flexibility and change is welcomed and expected throughout the construction phase. We are very aware how difficult and overwhelming it can be making so many key decisions at the design stage of the project. The desire to vary the specification and design is commonplace, so when it comes to it you can rest assured that you will not need to be concerned about the impact of making changes and the associated prospect of unfair spiralling costs. You can be afforded sufficient time to ensure you are comfortable with your final decisions and avoid any regrets upon completion of the works.

Health and Safety

In 2015 the introduction of updated Construction (Design & Management) Regulations placed additional legal duties and responsibilities on Clients, Designers and Contractors which must be met in order to be legally compliant.

The role of the client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor now carry more clearly defined legal duties and responsibilities and an increased collaborative approach to the planning, managing, monitoring and controlling of Health & Safety is encouraged.

These changes place greater emphasis on the client, to ensure they have a full and clear understanding of what is required of them in order to comply with the Regulations, and importantly, avoid what could be criminal prosecution. What’s more, it is vital that they not only, fully understand their responsibilities, but that they know exactly when the regulations are applicable to their project.

By definition the Regulations state that the CDM Regulations apply to all construction work that is taking place on a structure. Therefore, they are applicable from the changing of a window latch through to a major construction project.

BUILD will appoint a Health and Safety Consultant on behalf of the client and will work with them and their Principle Designer to ensure they understand their role and the levels of responsibility which applies to their project. We will work with them to develop a pragmatic and systematic approach that is both specific to the requirements of their project and compliant with Regulations.

Aftercare and Servicing

At the end of the project we prepare Aftercare Pack for our clients. This pack will contain:

  • A copy of the Planning and Building Control approvals
  • Warrantee and guarantee documentation , where relevant
  • Certificates and instruction manuals
  • Care instructions for specialist items

In addition to this, the pack will contain operation and maintenance information for ongoing servicing on their property. BUILD offer a servicing package, aimed to take away the hassle of scheduling and arranging the periodic servicing visits that a required to ensure that their property is appropriately maintained.