Our Construction Management model utilises the highly flexible procurement route that places the client, firmly in the driving seat of their project. This offers an alternative to the most commonly used methods of delivering construction projects such as Traditional Contracts. Construction Management generally allows complex and demanding projects to start earlier than traditionally tendered projects and offers flexibility throughout the process.

Using a Construction Management approach, the client will benefit from our broad knowledge, experience and expertise gained from both contracting and consulting. We will integrate with the client’s professional teams and take the lead in procuring and managing subcontractors. By creating a non-adversarial environment Construction Management brings greater levels of efficiency and quality.

BUILD ordinarily work under a Management Contracting contract which is structured to be completely transparent. Cost management is made through a cost-plus agreement, in short, this means the client will only pay for what the project actually costs to build, plus our percentage-based fee.

This percentage-based fee will be our only source of profit from the project. Clients and their professional teams will have access to all material, subcontractor and direct labour costs and we guarantee they will receive all the trade discounts, incentives and savings available to us.

Any savings and discounts made via competitive pricing, design changes or omissions will completely and solely benefit the client. This differs from the traditional form of Main Contracting where the successful Contractor, having agreed a final cost, does not need to declare any project savings or give this saving back to the client.  

This transparency really enables BUILD to guide their clients and assist in making informed choices relating to both design and financial decisions. We work through the project together, either directly with the client or alongside their design team, regularly assessing the status of the build and providing full access to the project costs. This offers the client full control over where the money is spent. An example of this is, if we make a saving through the carpentry package, the remaining allowance set against this element could be redistributed and used to enhance other parts of the build. This may be of great importance to the client’s dream build, whether that is a higher specification kitchen or upgraded finishes. Ultimately, we want our clients to have the control and luxury of being flexible with the key decisions which go into building their new home.

BUILD hope that with our approach, financial decisions do not become any more challenging than they need to be, (which can often become the case with traditional contracting). Our goal at BUILD is to ensure that the construction process is as enjoyable for our clients as their home will be upon completion.


  • Trust, flexibility and transparency puts the Client in the driving seat to make the right decisions while achieving best value.
  • Benefit of increased value for money through eliminating main contractor profit margins.
  • Reassurance provided to ensure the appointed construction team is working purely in the Client’s best interest to build a collaborative, non-confrontational team dedicated to getting the best from subcontractors, the design team and suppliers.
  • Peace of mind that the Client is fully informed of the costs associated with each stage of the project allowing them to make fully considered decisions about design changes and /or value engineering options.
  • Delivery of the project will meet our exacting high standards.
  • Relationships will be built that benefit everyone involved throughout the project.

Subcontracting / Suppliers

We have built strong relationships with numerous subcontractors and suppliers through our previous projects and are always establishing new links across the southern counties. These contacts bring a wealth of knowledge, reliability and the understanding of the quality of workmanship that is expected. Many of our subcontractors offer value engineering solutions and product selection options to suit the client’s requirements and budget.

To ensure best value is provided, we competitively tender all major packages to obtain the best rates available. In most cases we will send the tenders to both our database of known subcontractors as well as to a few options more local to the project. In some cases, the price may be much more favourable from a local contractor as savings can be made with reduced travel time. We carry out checks on any new contractors who are considered to assess the quality of their work by either gathering references or by visiting examples of their recent project work. It is our responsibility to be open with the client about subcontractors we propose to use, offering our experience and knowledge to guide them through the selection should they wish to have some input in this process.

Where required due to the nature of the work or through preference of the client or design team, the integration of preferred or alternative sub-contractors can easily be made.