At BUILD Construction Management we are passionate about fulfilling our client’s desires to create the home of their dreams. Whether the plan is to build a new home, or to recreate an existing property, BUILD take pleasure bringing these plans into reality.

BUILD was established to offer clients a more transparent construction and cost management service. We work by adapting the customary role of the Main Contractor to work in close collaboration with our clients and their chosen design team. This offers better outcomes than a traditional contract route where the contractor can be highly focused on profit, potentially causing relationships to become strained and quality compromised.

Our approach

Our approach was developed and proven prior to the formation of BUILD as acting architects on substantial schemes in the Bahamas and Devon where the relationship between the previous Main Contractor and the client had broken down. We realised that by adopting a more flexible approach to design, cost management and procurement we could offer clients a service, focussed on delivering a high-quality end product without profit being the key driver.

At BUILD, we genuinely care about working to form strong relationships both with our clients and our suppliers and subcontractors. Construction, especially in the self-build sector can often become overwhelming but we strongly believe that this, in the main is due to the traditional management processes. As a result, this doesn’t allow the client, their consultants and subcontractors to work as collaboratively as they can.

Our technically qualified team is formed of construction professionals with years of experience in core roles such as architecture and quantity surveying. We continue to abide by the Codes of Conducts from these disciplines and carry these ideals into our Construction Management role. We bring wide-ranging experience from across the construction sector including project and cost management, design and contract administration. We combine these skills to work alongside other professionals and to coordinate and manage our workforce and supply chains.